The photographer is confronted by life, and unpredictable events. He captures the moment.

He succeeds by displaying his artistic sense, his vision, and his personal thoughts.

He grabs the viewer by the hand, to show him what he saw at a singular moment, and will never happen again.

He shows a situation he enjoyed, and which has teased his imagination.

Something which is worth being shared.


Man and his urban environnement, fascinate me.

Since a handful of years, I cross the streets of larger cities, aimlessly, simply watching the connections.

An interaction, a decisive moment, delight me and lead me to hit the streets all through the night.

The captured moment is very addictive, but above all, the emotion provided by the image, is a source of creativity.

Thank you for stopping by, and for your interest.

renaud (born 1975), french photographer, based in Paris.

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